Thursday, November 30, 2006

I believe

To keep this from being a rant I'm going to stay positive.
I believe in a triune god. I believe in a loving and occasionally wrathful deity with a quirky sense of humor. I do not always appreciate G'd's jokes and sometimes I get pissed off with him in all three of his forms.
I live in a pluralistic society. I am aware of the other belief systems and it has taken a while for me to find, not so much a happy medium, but peace with those other systems and those who hold those systems. Peace as in keeping my mouth shut and doing what I feel the Lord has called me to do. Christianity is also pluralistic (maybe diverse is a better word) with various forms of Catholic (Roman, Eastern Orthodox) and Protestant (Anglicans to snake handlers) expressions. I'm aware of how I'm growing in Christ, and the options of furthering that growth.
Although I admire some Orthodox Christians, I really can't see myself growing in the Orthodox church. Too far, too inconvenient, and no seating. When I lived in Hyattsville it was a bitch to get to St. Andrews or St. Georges, so I didn't go. If I have to move heaven and earth to get there, I'm not going. If I find myself nodding off to sleep, I ain't going. My Christianity is 50% love of G'd and 50% being able to wake up, drag my ass out of the house, get to church on time and stay awake. Of course you could explain work the same way, 50% love of the work I do, 50% they pay me, I don't hate anyone there, and I don't fall asleep at my desk.
It's all good.
So part of my believing is based on my staying awake. Once I'm awake, there, and fairly in agreement, then I may give money. I might even volunteer. I might get involved. I might give a part of my life in time, talent and treasure. I don't give my life to just any belief system.

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