Thursday, May 28, 2009

Florida Property Cheap

I could fix my basement or I could buy property in Florida.
Florida is on sale.
So that's how I see it.
So I have it in my head that I'm going to buy investment property in my hometown. I saw something on-line cheap. Dirt cheap. I could write a check for it cheap. So I contacted a real estate agent and I've been getting emails.
I've been looking on-line at properties, calling Mom up and asking her to drive by them. The 1st cheap property has title issues and its in an historic district, so no.
Anyway my plans are to get in a decent financial situation and go down to Florida, look at a few properties, buy something and have my sister and her family move in and deal with maintenance and taxes while I let time and development increase the value of my investment.
Called up Mom today, and she informed me that the city is going to condemn my sister's apartment building. Rush job on the property search. And because of the rush, I can't just look for a fixer upper, buy it free and clear, and fix it whenever. Crap. I need to find something I can put my sister in now and I may need to carry a mortgage. Shyte.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As I remember Mom telling me of my conception, I came forth via a lack of action, or laziness. I have taken that theme of laziness to heart. But all in all I think I was unplanned. I was an unplanned pregnancy. Not unwanted, just, we didn't really plan, but you can and we're happy you're here kind of thing. That what I thought of when I couple sort of announced their coming child. It wasn't like they were trying to get pregnant, but it "just happened" and they are looking forward to becoming parents. Yay.
The small people, my nieces and nephew were definitely unplanned and their arrival worrisome. But now, I'm happy they are all here, regardless of who their guardians all happen to be. My sister was on birth control however, its proper administration and practice was not a top priority for her, add sex and tada, kids.
I think of all the other stuff that just happens, that isn't really planned. Some of the people I work with were not history majors, somehow they wound up working with history. We do plan for some stuff, to employed doing something is the general plan, to be a particular job title, working for a particular company or organization, not so much. In general I plan to work till I don't want to, some time after being retirement aged. I hope to continue to stay at the same place I am now, but you never know, I may get married and follow my husband, I may switch jobs due to some new interest or unforeseen thing, or health emergency may change those plans.
There is a lot I don't know. Thus, there is stuff I can't plan for. So I can only assume that all things will remain constant going in one direction, and I'll plan for that.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Everybody Dies

That will be my new children's book that will take off in Japan, in the tradition of great children's literature of Everybody Poops.
The book will have lots of illustration of people with XXs for eyes, and the text will go like this:
Shakespeare during his lifetime wrote several wonderful plays and sonnets, he died.
Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States and freed the slaves, he went to the theater and died.
Susan B. Anthony fought for women's rights and is on a dollar coin, she's dead.
Gandhi achieved independence for India with non-violence, and he died.
Albert Einstein was a brilliant scientist who gave us the Theory of Relativity and he died.
Mother Teresa was a nun who fed and cared for the poor, she died.
Mr. Thompson down the street was a kind man who liked puppies, he's dead too.
Which just goes to prove, everybody dies.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I'm asked if I feel any different now that I'm Catholic. Um, no. Except now I actually get up to accept the host, as opposed to keeping my butt firmly in the pew. Besides that it just feels like I just switched churches, something I've done before. And it is not like I've actually left the Church of the Really Really Blond People. I plan on still showing up there for one reason or another. I like the people, the music is good, the programming is excellent, why leave?
I've told a few people of the change. I ran into a fellow I knew from the CotRRBP on the Circulator. He mentioned how he no longer goes to the CotRRPB but instead now attends another Episcopal church up the street from CotRRBP. I then admitted that I now am Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering (I really need to make up a new name, Our Lady of Diversity? Immaculate Pew? The Church of the Holy Dashboard Charm?). I gave my cop out reason of being able to roll out of bed 15 minutes before Mass, as the charm of Our Lady. I pointed to the church and he mentioned how he knew of Fr. LEV.
I just thought of another charm of Our Lady, no dress code. Most of the time I do make an effort. But ya know there are times when you don't have time to change or anything to wear, or you're in the middle of something (and taking a break to go to Mass) and dirty jeans will have to do.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's all about the Washingtons

US one dollar coin 2007 .
Originally uploaded by tenor_t
I'm thinking I could be more charitable, more giving, and enact my own monetary policy by giving away dollar coins to the homeless, beggars, crack-heads and con-men who show up at my door.
Here is the problem, the dollar coin is just not catching on. Just not. Susan B. Anthony was a flop. The Native American chick whose name I can't spell, her coin hasn't done jack. The presidential coins will probably fail too. But you know, I can help try to bring vitality to the dollar coin by putting it in the hands of people who will want to be rid of it.
However, I sense that I will spend too much time arguing that the coins are actual legal tender.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The problem with being an adult that you listen to lyrics. I just downloaded Iron Man by Ozzy Osbourne. Great Jimminey Cristmas!