Friday, August 27, 2010

Living apart- shocking

We announced our engagement to some aquaintences we've known over the years and when asked where we are living, the Help said he's in Beltsville and I'm in DC, and the person had a look of mild shock on her face. Following questions and answers made it clear that no, we aren't going to start living together until we're married. I'm just getting a thrill by shocking someone with our unconventiality.
There is a very practical reason why it is best that we live apart beyond the living out our faith. The new roommate will help raise a couple thousand bucks for the wedding. Second, I hate to be unromatic but this house is my largest asset and is the reason why my net worth is a positive number even after factoring in the mortgage. It seems unwise to have someone who will claim the property moving in before he has a legal right to it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Good Compline Spoiled by Praise Music

We're going to give a church one more chance. The Help and I are seeking a church we can worship at together. His landlords suggested a CANA church and so since one was in walking distance, we walked this sunday to one. Unfortunately they were without a priest, so that was a problem right there. So there was a bit of free form. There was a program that had things that appeared straight out of the Book of Common Prayer. I really like the BoCP. Yet in between BCP parts there was ad-libbing. I dislike ad-libbing in worship. It's a style thing, nothing theological and that's where the Help and I depart in worship. I like my prayers time tested by at least several decades if not hundreds of years. He likes the personalization and timeliness, blah, blah, blah (I love him) and really G-d hears all prayers.
So I muddled through the break out prayer groups where we were to discuss what was on our hearts and have the small group pray for us. You know, as many years that I was a Baptist, I managed to avoid this sort of thing. As a Episcopalian that sort of thing wasn't done at the churches I attended. And as a Catholic, I'm really really ok with having the priest in charge, less work for me.
The second half was better it was like compline. I love compline. Yet the other matter was that a lot of the music came from the past 15 years, P&W music. The Help dislikes modern worship music. Me, not too much of a fan as when it is sung the male voices seem hard to hear and it sounds like a young women's choir. I love hearing male voices, strong male voices. Only in one song did I hear the male voice strongly enough.
We'll give it another chance, when the priest has arrived.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Dresses

Today I plan to look for fabric for a wedding dress.
I have pondered buying a dress however about 80% of the wedding dresses I see make me want to puke.
I find them to be tacky. Also I dislike the whole princess for a day vibe that they have. Seriously, when do you ever wander around in a floor length dress with sequins? Okay, yes, you have that lovely drag show, but for the rest of us, when do you wander around wearing a sparkly dress? I don't. And wearing a dress that I can never concieve of wearing again in any other context seems so untrue. I'd be just as true wandering in dressed as Princess Leah with two danishes on the side of my head.
Umm, danish.
Well once again, if anyone wants the url, contact me. I'll give it to you for free.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sucky Surveys

A few days ago I got a phone call for a survey. The way the questions were written I'd say the sponsor of the survey wanted to get supported for an all powerful regional quasi-government group to take over metro and determine the transportation. As the questioner was asking I did tell her that they were some badly written, horrid, survey questions. They were almost in the territory of when did you stop beating your wife? Recently? Not too recently? Hardly ever or not that often?
I answer my phone so I get asked survey questions. There are some surveys that are political that I answer as truefully as I can. Some I just lie about, particularly on hot button issues, where I don't trust that the answers will be used properly or where individual information will get out there. Also on hot button issues my opinions are nuanced. Not 100% enthusiastically for something nor 100% seething with hatred and bombing making material against. Unfortunately, the survey writers can't seem to imagine something that isn't at the poles.

Monday, August 09, 2010


The renewal for HappySpinster.Com is coming up in September and well, I won't need it. So if I know you and you want the URL I will give it to you if I can transfer it prior to the renew date.
Oh and for those who don't know, I'm engaged. So in about 5 months I will no longer be a spinster. So I'd like to pass it on to someone else who is okay will being single or a DJ or band of that name. I may renew it and I'll charge whomever wants it for $10 or 10% above costs.