Monday, June 26, 2006

Diversity in TEC

With all the proclaimations about the Episcopal Church (TEC) being open and inclusive it has occurred to me that TEC is mainly white and upper class. Yes, I know you ar esaying sarcastically, 'you're just now noticing this?'. No. Sorta. Well you know there is stuff you know but the info is treated like noise? That's like this.
Anyway I'm now reflecting on the lack of economic diversity in the Episcopal Church. I would say educational diversity as well. In the US. That diversity is found in the Anglican Community, which does not explain why even Anglican pronouncements require a graduate degree to understand. Within the Communion I am united to the poor in Africa. The loss of the Communion would disconnect us.
All for the better in time. I think I would like to read a history of the Universalist Unitarians, whose path I think TEC is now taking. I was aware of this trend in the TEC but figure as long as we continue to keep Christ central we were fine. But with the GenCon06 over and TEC failure to confirm what Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, said about he, Jesus, being the only way to the Father, then I don't know what to say. I was aware of people who will say the Nicene Creed but really do not believe in the Church, but I figured them to be a minority. I see that I was wrong unless anyone else has a decent explaination why it would kill the TEC to proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ten pluses ten minuses

because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit thee out of my mouth
--Revelations 3:16
I prefer the more updated version, and I can't find my modern english Bible right now, but I think it goes, 'You are neither hot not cold so I'm gonna spit you outta my mouth.' or something like that.
That's been my theme. That has been my problem. I am lukewarm. G-d's gonna spit me out. I've been comfy in the Anglican Church because it was lukewarm not Baptist hot or agnostic/ humanist cold, just right. However the waters is gettin a bit chilly. Sorta warm, with an ever increasing cool comeing on. Of course, that could be my perception through the lens of the orthodox. I said my move, if I move, or swim the Tiber, will be in 1 to 2 years. I will spend that time in prayer. Someone noted that one shouldn't swim to one side of the river just because things on your side, is looking bad. No. I really need to give it some thought.
Another thing, I am lukewarm because I am constantly trying to balance various beliefs about Democracy, faith, fairness, and life in a pluralistic society. I know that in the end when things battle out, G-d wins. Because of all those things, it is faith that is the only thing I will submit to. I want to be a good citizen. I want to be fair. I want to make the best of a diverse city and nation. I must be the best Christian I can be.
Anyway, so crossing the Tiber. There are reasons not to. 10)It is a controversal church. 9) Pope, I like him but the idea of one man with all that power... 8)Past sins of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, when it was less than the bride of Christ. 7)It's so unyielding. 6) Confession. 5) Bad & boring homilies. 4)People and Priests, who believe priests are all that and a bag o' chips. 3) Bad priests, who don't think and those who hurt people and destroy the faith. 2) No Fr. Connor. 1)I was confirmed in the EUSA 4 years ago, crossing now seems wrong.
Ten reasons to cross:
10. Hot Catholic men
9. Church excommunicates Spong-like nuts
8. Fr. Roderick, and all the other Catholic media folks who draw me to the RCC.
7. St. Paul's and mid to high church services have already prepped me for RC mass.
6. Worldwide communion.
5. "Upon this rock...."
4. Greater tolerance for Catholic liberalism than Episcopalian liberalism.
3. Consistancy on certain issues.
2. Smells & bells and lots of latin (depending on church)
1. If and when I have kids I might get a discount at the parocial school.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I don't wanna leave

Woman bishop. A movement away from Biblical teachings. But the last straw, the last straw was rejecting the World Wide Anglican Communion. The General Convention of 2006 is depressing. The Episcopal Church will remain but without me. I will make my exit over a year or two. It is a two year plan. There is too much of my personality locked into this damned denomination for me to just jump ship as quickly as I would like.
I really like Christ Church. I can say (well to myself 'cause no one else gives a rat's ass) that I attend the same church as Donald Rumsfeld (though I have only seen him once) and Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans (or a guy who really, really, really looks like him). There are people in the church who I have bonded with. It was hard enough to leave St. Georges, but to leave the whole Episcopal Church breaks my heart just thinking of it. It has been 4 years, just 4 years since being confirmed in the Church with my family and friends laying their hands on me, after flirting with it for about a decade going between Catholic and Anglican churches.
As much as I like the Lutherans.... no. The key is the world wideness. I liked the Episcopal Church for the liturgy and the fact that I was united with Christians following the same ritual in Africa and Latin America and Asia. It was not just the West. It was the East and the South. Now, it is just the West again. Just another mainline American Protestant Church going the way of the Unitarians. The only other church that, despite its zillions of faults that holds scriptual authority for me is, *sigh* the Roman Catholics.
Bah. I need to pray more.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm counting this as feeding the homeless

I have 3 homeless kittens stinking up my living room. I have been feeding them for 4 days now and I would like for them to go to good homes, otherwise known as AWAY. I was planning to sign up for feeding the homeless with Salvation Army when it dawned on me that the kittens are homeless and G-d's stinking hissy creatures. I'll be happy when they are away and I can deal with not so hissy creatures.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Faith Based Libertarianism

Is there such an animal?
Well the actual thing that was roaming through my head was the right of like minded people to come together and practice their faith as they choose, and the right of the individual to associate and disassociate with that group. Then what rights does the state have to regulate the actions of groupings, or corporate bodies.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

No sympathy here either

You know what annoys me today? Yes, just today. Young 'uns who believe they are too poor to save or donate to charity, yet will find the cash to have a regular cup of gad-awfully expensive trendy coffee.
You are never too poor for a savings account. SECU of Maryland will let you have $10 (maybe they've upped it but last I checked, $10) in a savings account. How friggin hard is it to come up with 10 bucks? And, then, not take out the 10 bucks? And, maybe add a few bucks to that 10 bucks? Of course, you need to have it with a place that won't charge monthly fees.
If your employer offers a 401K or its equivalent, take it. I swear if I hear someone whine that they can't donate the minimum of (for me it was $20 at AAO and $15 per pay period with the Govt) I'm gonna hit 'em with a newspaper. One day, they are going to get old or reach their late forties and wonder how they are going to retire. I plan to work until I'm dead or too crippled to work. However I'll need money to pay for rent (or mortgage), food and healthcare. The retirement fund is for the health care.
Lastly, you are never too poor to give to charity and make a habit of it. When I was a kid I engaged in the strange practice where my mom, or other older relative would give me a dollar in church and when the plate came around I put the dollar in. Most of the time the dollar wasn't mine but it allowed for the practice and understanding that I'm supposed to give to charity. And as a regular thing. So now I still give. Much more and the goal this year is to give a percentage of my gross income to charity. But even as a poor college kid, I gave to charity.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The most unsympathetic tale for Plan B

In Sunday's Post there was an opinion piece about Plan B from the point of view of a 42 year old woman whose birth control failed and couldn't get the Plan B pill. I found it very unsympathetic. Mainly because I'm wondering, why didn't she just get her tubes tied after her last pregnancy? My mom got her tubes tied after my sister and my sister after her third kid got her tubes tied. I figure if you are of a certain age and you pretty much believe you don't want any more kids.... um, tube tying should follow. I would feel different if the woman was 35 and thinking maybe she'd have a 3rd child in the future but not right now. But she seems to not be open to having more children, so then, why set your self up for the drama? Not taking a route that requires less maintenance (pill daily) seems irresponsible, particularly when there are non medical options such as IUDs and tubal ligation.
Gad, I dislike unneeded drama, particularly pharmaceutical drama.