Friday, November 20, 2009

Knowledge in dreams

I have searched for and I can't find any record of me possibly writing down a dream I had, which looking back was premonition. But I didn't write it down so it probably didn't happen. The 'dream' was that I was dating the Help, however at the time the Help was engaged to someone else. So the very thought of them not being together and me being some kind of home-wrecker would have been disturbing. However the dream me did not know the future me started dating about a year after the Help's breakup.
I noticed that in dreams I or whomever the first person is, has knowledge, skills and abilities at the dreamer doesn't have. Like a past me observing a future me would be absolutely amazed at my ability to type. Seriously, I was in HS typing class and was crap and couldn't imagine the day were I didn't look at the keyboard. Now, I look down every 5-10th word, just to make sure my fingers are in the right spot. But I guess that reflects the person as a dynamic being. But it isn't just head knowledge it is also muscle memory which ties into that idea of the body and soul being one.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I've become that woman

When I was a snarky teen, I and my friend Tracy made fun of those women in our differing churches, who overcome with emotion would sway and carry on in church. stand jump all that stuff associated with gettin caught up with the holy spirit. Well that crossed my mind in church as the cantor went into the second part of his negro spiritual melody. I can't really remember what the earlier part of the melody was, but the second part was "I don't feel no ways tired" (hear on YouTube if unfamiliar). And something began to well up inside of me. I wanted to sway, stand and just open myself up to the song and G-d's grace or whatever, I can't really explain it. Tears of joy did make it to the corners of my eyes and I did clap loudly at one point. The teens behind me, who hadn't really sat quiet snickered at my outburst.
So it has come full circle, I have been the teen, now I am that woman.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

...and keep us ever mindful of the needs of others

I just said the following before chowing down on my lunch, which is sage chicken and brown rice. "Lord, please bless these gift for our use, and us to thy service and keep us ever mindful of the needs of others." It has just occurred to me that the last part just doesn't apply to the starving poor of the world. Because it is said prior to eating, those are the first people coming to mind.
Though the poor and hungry get first dibs, but there are others out there who are in need. Emotional need. The poor in spirit. Those in need of forgiveness. Those who need love. Those who need Jesus, but for some reason or another fail to see him in their lives.
Also if you don't bump up against the poor daily, who are the others? Our co-workers and neighbors are in need of charity. My definition of charity is loving the difficult to love. Some people need our patience. Particularly when you want to slap 'em. Some people need forgiveness, particularly when they are crabby and say mean things.