Friday, December 08, 2006

On church

Since Bc has told me when he is crossing the Bosporus (is that the name of the river) or in other words converting to Eastern Orthodoxy, I just haven't felt complelled to attend the Church of the Gay Lawyer. But since summer I haven't really been going on a regular basis. I don't think the tounge twisting liturgy (who wrote this stuff, lawyers?) and the incense are a big enough draw.
Of course, since the Adult forum classes, the double dipping and all attempts to get the good stuff from the farmers market in Dupont all come together, it is just a little out of my way to get down to tCotGL. Also the cold weather ain't helping either. Maybe a major factor is that I really like the Church of the Really, Really Blond People. The Adult Forum is great. The coffee hour rocks (yay deviled eggs). There are easy opportunities to pop in and out of charity work and minor thrills or joys that I come across. Even if I cross the Tiber, I may still want to attend tCotRRBP. That is unless Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering can beat tCotRRBP in adult education, entertainment, and munchies.

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