Saturday, November 25, 2006

And so it begins, again.

This evening I walked on over to Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering (not the real name, like the Church of the Really, Really Blond People) Catholic Church for the 5:45 Mass. Though the 5:45 mass was actually 5:30 and I got there just in time for the middle of the homily.
I haven't been in a Catholic Church since 1995. Maybe 1994. Massachusetts. That's when I chose the Episcopal Church over the Roman Catholic Church. Before I made my choice I was double dipping. I would go to both Catholic and Episcopal services, depending on my mood and who else was going. I went to St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Gainesville, across the street from the dorms and then later just a few blocks from my apartment. I would go with Steve&Donna (roommate and her boyfriend/fiance), hang out with Tourettes Mike (there were several Mikes in my life then), and try to get the Mass with Father Oliver (when Fr. Gillespie sang mass it always sounded like he was having personal problems). At Amherst I would attend with the Germans from the dorm. Achem occasionally played violin for the church and he was fun to attend with. But then I got Fr. Quigly, who when I encountered him was in an anti-cafeteria Catholics mood and very, very hard core. I was not ready for that. I needed something more palatable, and the Episcopal Church was palatable. Now, now, I think I am ready to try the hard solid stuff.

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