Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Yea!

Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ will come again.
So look busy.

Easter has come, lent is over and carbs may enter my mouth freely. There is a box of thin mints and a bowl of Hagen Das waiting for me upstairs so I'm signing off and pigging out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Closer to G-d, or further from sin

I'm so happy.
Gn, a professional collegue who I've engaged as a friend is getting better. For those who know, and Gn knows, I have never approved of his social life. In my eyes Gn is scum when it comes to women, exploiting their poor self esteem, and using them for sex. When he has spoken of his dates, and past relationships after his divorce the central theme in his relationships seem to be focused on one thing, sex. Not common interests, just sex. A typical date with Glen would be to join him in his tiny apartment, watch porn and get it on. Horrid. I was almost at a loss for words when I had to explain what a platonic relationship was, because it was a foreign idea to him. Strange, have a relationship with a woman where the goal is not to get in bed with her, whodathunkit?
Well driving me to the metro station he revealed that for the past year maybe, he has had several platonic relationships, and he thinks he likes it.
I had tried to introduce him to, although one would think he'd already been exposed to relationships with others based on something other than work and sex. Common interests. I've had him over to eat with Mike & Jon, I've 'forced' him to eat at a sit down restaurant with me just to show him you can have a good time with your clothes on.
Anyway, I'm just thrilled Gn is pursuing platonic relationships.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Celibate in the City

That's what we called our weekend, as ET was trying to get out the house and away from the gang of polyamorous bisexual pirates who invaded her house that weekend. Yeah.
They are a nice bunch of pirates but when you don't belong with a certain group of folk and you're not into what they are into, you gotta leave.
Anywho, ET, I and Cathy the semi-Orthodox Jew, traveled the city in ET's beat up car complaining that it is so hard to find a guy who shares your faith. Cathy belongs to a large synagogue and mentioned that the only marriage resulting from their singles group was the one for the guy in charge. Me, I'm going to the church of the really, really, blonde people, which is made up of a lot a married people, and older men, not a lot of single men. When I'm not at that church, I'm at the church of the gay lawyer.... do I really need to explain my problem there?
Cathy mentioned J-Date. However, I'm really attached to Jesus and the yentas at the Holocaust museum kinda beat it into my head that one should not mess with Members of the Tribe, unless you are a MOT. Apparently that doesn't stop a bunch of non-Jews from signing up on J-Date and looking for dates. I'm not gonna mess with J-Date, but it was suggested that I go on the Catholic dating sites. Hey if gentiles can try to pick up nice Jewish girls on J-Date, I can try to snag a Catholic boy.