Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't make me turn around

Okay I was sitting in a spot where I heard two gentlemen yakking away during service. Now it would have been okay if they were doing a better job at whispering, but no they weren't. I really debated about turning around and giving a nasty look. If you need to ask, the men were above the age of 30 and below 80, so they should have known better than providing a play by play of what's going on.
Oh, I also need to mention that there are a few mucky-mucks who attend the Church of the Really, Really, Blond People, so that was the subject of the conversation, where Gentleman A was pointing out who was who to Gentleman B.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Albums loved and lost

Funny thing about iTunes is that I find myself occasionally stumbling across an artist or an album I once but no longer have. I remember when I sold off a bunch of tapes so I could convert to CDs, I think I had a bunch of Billie Holiday's, a Muppet Movie soundtrack, some college band I've completely forgotten the name of and Prince. I gave some away, sold some, lost others. Then in the world of iTunes, I find them again. Then I question my releasing the album I once had into the world, and question whether if I should buy the darned thing again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good luck with that & Merry Christmas

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At our church we have an advent tree where there are little paper angels with the names of kids 'for whom Christmas is not a given'. So individuals at the church grab an angel and get and wrap gifts the children have requested. I bypassed the simple requests for hats and gloves and picked a teenager who wanted a stereo or a boombox. I've learned my lesson. Next year, hats & gloves. I did by a $50 boombox and I hope the young man likes it.
Fr. K made a mention of some extra, late angels that appeared on the tree a few weeks ago and one angel had a request for a Playstation. Fr. K didn't know what a Playstation , but to him it sounded expensive. So to the kid who asked for a Playstation..... good luck with that & Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rant- Craigslist

I like Craigslist. However, posting on Craigslist opens me up to being annoyed with humanity. Mainly because of the flake factor.
Say I want to sell a $20 piece of furniture. Now, this is only for $20, so there is a certain level of headache I'm willing to be bothered with. No, you can't just come to the house and look at it. Either you want it or not based on the description and if the description or a question asked in one email about some feature I didn't think relevant. I post pictures, that's part of the info package. However I'm not a store and I hate the idea of rushing back from work and sitting around the house for you to show, or not show. I could have been doing something else.
I have a few things in the basement that need a new home, and I'm loathing the Craigslist drama. Pray for me.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Decsion 2008

My roomie and I were talking and somehow the Presidential candidates came up. I mentioned that of the Republicans I support Ron Paul and of the Democrats, Obama. I think I got sneered at. And Yalie boy said for me it was all about the taxes.
Now, I know Ron Paul has a snowball's chance in Hell. If everyone else dies in a bunch of fiery plane crashes and he becomes the GOP nominee there is no way he'd actually win the Presidency. So I support him ideologically. Any man you can bring gun-nuts and stoners together has my vote. I've sent about $50 to his campaign already.
I support Obama because we need him as president, for about 4 years. There is some policy stuff of his I dislike, but luckily, it is stuff that the Congress can stop, hinder, or screw up. America needs an African-American president. America needs a bi-racial President. Also he's intelligent, charismatic, and cares about America. Also I dislike Mrs. Clinton.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Spread the misery

Mom isn't answering her phone when she can't see the caller ID. It seems I got off easy with the 2 phone calls from grandma. Grandma, it seems called mom at 4:30AM complaining that she's hungry. After the call, mom couldn't get to sleep and her ability to get a decent night's sleep has been ruined for the whole week. So, I hate to think what the Uncles have had to deal with.
Mom's miffed. And she's probably miffed at me for complaining the grandma killed poor Mr. Percy (I blame her for the poor man's death) while I was walking down the street. Yes, well, feh.

Continue to smoother or see if it wilts on the vine

Okay, I give up.
I admit I came on strong and got a little overboard. And was told to back off a bit. And I did, and came back toned down a bit, and even that was too much apparently. So I throw up my hands and declare until there is some sort of clarity on the other person's part because I'm no f*ing mind reader, I'm just letting it go.
Mixed signals are a pain. I don't want to play the game where you are encouraged to do X, then get a note frustrated that you did X. There could be other pressures, but since I'm not privy to those other things, and under the current circumstances probably won't be privy to them, I can't be bothered until those other things can be worked out. I would love to be bothered, and would take on the burden as suited to my position. However this level of frustration is above what I can deal with right now.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Angry, bitter and Senile

The mean grandma was in the hospital during Thanksgiving week. Mom came up from Florida, which meant I came down from DC. Mom helped Uncle G and Aunt P decide on a nursing home for grandma. Mom broke the news to grandma about going into a facility but grandma kept forgetting or was swimming deep in the waters of denial (it's hard to tell) that. So she had to be told over and over. Still didn't register.
She's in the home now and man is she pissed.
She called me twice Saturday. She hardly ever calls me. At first I thought it was wrong number, but nope that confused old woman is my granny. Well she complained, as it is her nature, and she decided to find the buttons that annoy me. Annoy, because I'm quite willing to argue back at her. But I do get annoyed when I have to explain two or more times in the same phone call of why I only see my sister and father and mother once a year (I live in DC, they Florida, kinda hard to pop in, particularly when someone refuses to pick you up from the obvious airport). This is a problem with grandma, never been practical, we believe she may have been learning challenged.
Anyway the second phone call was basically a re-run of the first. Let me share. Obviously, she's not happy about being placed in a home, so that was complaint number one. Complaint number two, was her children (mom and my aunt and uncle) weren't settled and failed to consult with her about the nursing home matter. Oh, they'd settle on the home lady, and you're in it. Also they did tell you, you failed to listen, besides, they knew you wouldn't agree to it. Third, she complained about the nursing home staff. It seems the staff would ask her if she needed a bath, she'd say 'no' and she hasn't had a bath since she's been there, because she keeps refusing the baths offered. She's 'washed up', but I don't think that will do the job. At this point she waxes pleasantly about the aide that would come to her apartment and help her. She gave the aide a hard time and she was bitching about the apartment ever since the day she moved in over 20 years ago. Lastly, she makes snide comments about her roommate, as she is in a semi-private room.
I feel so sorry for the woman who has to share a space with grandma. She'll normally talk smack about you, to your face, and that's okay because it's between family. Not acceptable when done to strangers. I want to send flowers to the poor woman because living with grandma, particularly a pissed off one, isn't easy. However, grandma is a very jealous woman, if I send the other woman flowers, it might set off an even nastier attack.
So that's the story with grandma. About what to do for her roommate, I've been told to pray.