Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mish mash posting

1. Bought a 10 year port. Dang those bottles are expensive. A twenty year port was like $50-$60! Also bought some Irish cream. I am slowly stocking my future liquor cabinet.

2. I'm getting fat. It's my own darned fault. I did not help things by going to Cake Love and buying 3 cupcakes. Alcohol has plenty of empty calories.

3. Went to the screamy-baby service. At some point I will replace the screamy baby service and the St. Paul's service with a local Roman Catholic church. I do not look forward to returning to the days when I interchanged RC and EC services. It was one thing back then but now I so dislike missing the Eucharist. But if I find someone like Fr. Oliver in the RC (minus the girlfriends on the side, the man had a Clintonian definition of celibacy) I'm so there.

4. I'll try selling my bed again. Short of that I'm calling Goodwill and having them take my bed, the dresser, the table in the basement, and a bunch of clothes that don't fit because I'm so fat. I've tried FreeCycle. FreeCycle ruined my birthday because some African idiot wanted to waste my time and failed to pick up a computer.

5. Oh, I'm older now. That damned biological clock is going off and driving me crazy. No. I don't believe my life is better without children. Yes, it is less hectic and I have money and can do whatever when I want. But part of me feels that this body is not doing what it was intended to do, which is provide life. The baby explosion in this neighborhood isn't helping. I'm happy for all the mothers and some have given me some hope who are in my similar age range, but I don't see a future father (all the guys I know are unwilling, or unsuitable) near the horizon.

6. My cousin is getting married. Because he's having it on the beach, it is messing up my budget. I've bought the $19.99 gift, made reservations at the hotel (picking the $63 a night one over the $100 a night one two blocks up), and now have to figure out at what level of pissed off I want to make the family by not wanting to show up at the bride's pre-wedding shin-dig. I love my cousin (the groom), with the same level of love I have for other cousins, and I'm more than willing to give up my spot. And since there is a ton of groom side drama, I AM MORE THAN WILLING NOT TO SHOW. Also it does not help that I am on a budget. I have tossed the credit card out of my wallet and when I do find it, I'll probably cut the thing up. I need to call the other card companies and close those cards. But back to Russell, I hope it is a lovely event, and I hope that I can wiggle my way out of it. This is the 3rd wedding (Kim, sis, now Russ) of the family and they are getting expensive.

7. I need to get off the computer and start reading dead trees more.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Have Humanists ever worked the Express Lane?

I listen to the Veritas Lectures occasionally and they do have the odd Humanist/ Atheist do counter the featured Christian apologist. I'm guessing there are better Humanists out there. The failure of Humanism is supposedly that it does not answer the Holocaust (what does?), my problem, from what I've heard, it fails to answer the Express Lane at winy-Dixie.
The Express Lane is the place where I cried on the job after being screamed at by a WIC mother who couldn't get what she wanted. People are sonsofabytches. It is very hard to appreciate my fellow human being when they are trying to con you, are being super winy or have 100 tiny cans of cat food and 50 coupons. Hey, isn't this an express 10 items or less lane? In the Ivory tower people are easy to value based on their being human. It is nearly impossible when they are right there and if you had the power to make them disappear, you would. Thank goodness for the love of G'd. Accountability to him, his forgiveness and love egg me on love my enemy. Which also is a pain in the butt. Problem with Christianity is that you can wind up bearing a cross.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The vintage of Our Lord

Call me tacky but the sacramental wine was quite good this Sunday. Bold, with a heavy body. I would like more, well without the burden of it being the blood of my most precious Savior and Lord Jesus the Christ. I wonder what wine the church uses. It tastes like port, it has that sweetness.
I need to improve my port wine reserves which right now is limited to the cooking wine quality of port but not good enough to be a satisfying drinking port. I need to raid a good wine shop and find all qualities of port, cheap to the $40 stuff. Maybe I'll do that after I pick up the drycleaning today.