Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Feelings- Mari's Future Predicitons

Okay, if I could I would bet money on these.

More recent: I have a feeling, not super strong, but a feeling, Brett Kavanaugh won't be confirmed. When I told my husband this and he asked why. I said his hair was too poofy. Yes, I know that is a stupid reason. If you want a good reason, but not the reason that made me come to that conclusion, there are enough Congressmen and people who want to push back or RESIST Trump to fail him.

Speaking of Trump, I have a feeling, he'll be re-elected. This is not wishful thinking. Believe me, I'm not wishing this on us.

I also have a feeling that William Shatner and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will go around about the same time. The Notorious RBG might actually outlive the Trump administration. Spite, it's what kept Castro alive. I have no idea what's keeping Shatner alive.

If you know me and want to bet