Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Oh, that's tempting, but no

We're looking around for daycare.
We have no children or even one kid yet. We are not pregnant.
We are in the process of adoption.
Just the process.
But we were advised to get that daycare thing lined up.
So many people have been helpful providing names of places that I or the Help should check out. One was a Catholic school with real live nuns that does infant care. They don't have the day care prices on line but the school tuition looks... if we had a school aged kid I'd totally put him or her in this school without batting an eye... provided the kid couldn't get into a neighborhood charter.
There are discounts for having more than 1 kid at the school and there is a discount for being Catholic, as there should be.
To get the Catholic discount, and it is a good discount, you have to have a letter from your priest. Easy peasy. Be a member of a parish, financially supporting the parish. Also, easy peasy. And most importantly, the kid must be baptized and Catholic. Nope.
With me being Catholic and the spouse being protestant, we have come to an agreement. Kids will be raised as really bad Baptists, until it is decided where the kid flourishes best. As we told our social worker, the child's relationship with Jesus is primary and they will go to the church where that relationship is best. Also I don't want any little lapsed Catholics as children. I also don't want little atheists or agnostics, either. So the poor little dears will have to go to church 2xs a week until I decide where they are best suited.
So it would be really tempting to baptize a baby for the Catholic discount, but I will resist.