Monday, January 03, 2005


Though I sympathize with the pro-lifers I find in my heart of hearts that I'm just pro-death. Not pro-abortion, but pro-death penalty, and pro-euthanasia. The unborn just don't move me enough and I prefer to be more consistent than anything else.
I grew up during the time a fair number of state sponsored executions in Florida. Bad people went to prison, really bad people got the chair. Ted Bundy was killed in Florida. Yes, innocents have probably been killed by the modern state. It is almost a given that thousands or millions of innocents have been killed by the state due to minor or major infractions committed or perceived to have been committed. Human sacrifices to the state and it's sense of wellbeing.
The curse of modern medicine is that it can leave us in stasis. In a coma where we might come out of it or not, it milks are hope for a better outcome. It can leave us to mimic life, breathing when it is the machine breathing. It keeps us bound to the earth a little bit longer. Maybe that time is put to good use, maybe that time is wasted, but it is time we never had before and these are heady questions.
consistency is my main thing and as I have grown attachment to the perceived safety of society in these human sacrifices the state brings out, I have picked death. I know death, it is ceasing to be. But life is trickier. What is it? When does it begin? How can you say an undeveloped fetus that could have a sliver, just a sliver of a chance of surviving a moment outside the womb is not alive when given a chance just might, just might, live? If the physical activities and the opportunities you once had and made you the person you are have been taken away due to illness, are you still alive?
The best answer possibly does not exist in enough abundance in me to give. The answer may be love. With love in your heart can you look at the mother, the potential child, the father and the community of which the child may be part of and come to a decision? Can you look at the murderer or treasonous traitor with love in your heart? The easy answer is a forgiveness that isn't guaranteed. What of the suffering who are dying or may die or desire to die so badly, what of them. With charitable love, what is the answer for them. The world of love is G-d and I live in the "real world" where there isn't enough love to give and people are hard and must make hard hurtful decisions. In this real world, there is lots of room for love, but not enough of it to fill it up.

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