Friday, January 07, 2005

The Dead, the end of days and

In movies like Dawn of the Dead and the even better Shaun of the Dead the dead come back and are almost always in a foul mood, why? Also they don't seem very bright but they can always find a way in to get you an try to eat you. There is another "why".
Strange, I think as I ponder the end of days, which because of the deaths related to the Boxing Day Tsunami a lot of people are talking about Revelations. The Tsunami to some, was a sign from G-d. No, to me it was just a Tsunami. But anyway, in Revelations the dead are to rise, well I hope they are in a good mood. Will the dead, raised up by my Lord & Savior, want to eat my brain? Wander the streets moaning?
Just one of those really stupid thoughts that cross my mind. It is better to ponder giving to help the Tsunami victims.

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