Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The house & the single girl

I am lucky. I am single and own a nice little chunk of real estate in my own name. Right now that chunk has a blown fuse I'm not too keen on replacing, or investigating, or giving a hoot about.
Before buying the house I thought, for financial reasons, I would have to get married before I could afford a house. I thought I would never make enough money to buy a home on my own. Well due to some incentives from the city, and the Federal government and hitting the real estate market when it was just right I was able to buy my little homestead. The homestead mind you is a small 2 bedroom townhome one block from drug dealers.
I have managed so far. But homeownership is draining. It may help to have another person bearing the load of home repair, but even among the marrieds & coupled, I sense some fatigue. It's not just owning. It is the fixing because if it isn't one thing it's another and renting starts looking real good. Have someone else deal with the thing that goes wrong.
Now I was warned. That things would constantly break down, particularly in an older home like my 120 year old pile of bricks. I just wish I could pass the worry on to another person who has a vested interest in my house as I do. This is where being single has it's downsides.
Upside is that I was the sole decision maker on buying it and where. I make the decisions on the color of the house, what goes into the yard, how much of the yard is used for gardening and what have you.

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