Thursday, January 20, 2005

Crappy Christian

I'm a practicing Christian, and I hope one day that I will get good at it.
It dawned on me in church when I confused St. Peter with St. Paul and the fact I couldn't name all the apostles and what their main schtick was, that despite going to church off and on all my life I was a crappy Christian. But a Christian none the less. I have been baptized, I truly believe in G-d, and believe that he is a three in one deal of the father, the son, and the ever fuzzy catch all called the Holy Ghost. I believe that G-d is love. He loves us. He is powerful. However, I'm going with the loving G-d over the powerful G-d.
Now despite this belief, when it comes to practice, I could be better. Oh, really I suck. I could be more humble, less materialistic, less lustful in my heart, more obedient, and seek G-d more than I seek approval from the world. But I'm not. Only by the grace of G-d I hope to hang with him after I die.

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