Saturday, January 08, 2005

Living alone

I was chatting last night with Jon about my decision to "not be a live in landlord" anymore. Jon quipped, "well in this point in your life you either want to live alone or live with someone you're romatically involved with."
Yeah, sort of. Well I don't want a live in boyfriend. I want to be married, but I'd rather be single than have this male thing sitting on my couch and living in my home and sleeping in my bed but not wed to me.
I'm going to take a nice little break and live alone. Then later I gather I might have someone in the house. Visiting scholars, I think, next time. They come to study, lecture, or whatever for a few months and they go away. But that's business. Nothing personal.
I think I swore to date last year. I went on 2 dates with one guy. Well I got a new friend (platonic) and a new church out of the whole deal. So no great loss. No great gain.
Who knows what I'll get this year.

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