Thursday, June 08, 2006

No sympathy here either

You know what annoys me today? Yes, just today. Young 'uns who believe they are too poor to save or donate to charity, yet will find the cash to have a regular cup of gad-awfully expensive trendy coffee.
You are never too poor for a savings account. SECU of Maryland will let you have $10 (maybe they've upped it but last I checked, $10) in a savings account. How friggin hard is it to come up with 10 bucks? And, then, not take out the 10 bucks? And, maybe add a few bucks to that 10 bucks? Of course, you need to have it with a place that won't charge monthly fees.
If your employer offers a 401K or its equivalent, take it. I swear if I hear someone whine that they can't donate the minimum of (for me it was $20 at AAO and $15 per pay period with the Govt) I'm gonna hit 'em with a newspaper. One day, they are going to get old or reach their late forties and wonder how they are going to retire. I plan to work until I'm dead or too crippled to work. However I'll need money to pay for rent (or mortgage), food and healthcare. The retirement fund is for the health care.
Lastly, you are never too poor to give to charity and make a habit of it. When I was a kid I engaged in the strange practice where my mom, or other older relative would give me a dollar in church and when the plate came around I put the dollar in. Most of the time the dollar wasn't mine but it allowed for the practice and understanding that I'm supposed to give to charity. And as a regular thing. So now I still give. Much more and the goal this year is to give a percentage of my gross income to charity. But even as a poor college kid, I gave to charity.

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