Monday, June 26, 2006

Diversity in TEC

With all the proclaimations about the Episcopal Church (TEC) being open and inclusive it has occurred to me that TEC is mainly white and upper class. Yes, I know you ar esaying sarcastically, 'you're just now noticing this?'. No. Sorta. Well you know there is stuff you know but the info is treated like noise? That's like this.
Anyway I'm now reflecting on the lack of economic diversity in the Episcopal Church. I would say educational diversity as well. In the US. That diversity is found in the Anglican Community, which does not explain why even Anglican pronouncements require a graduate degree to understand. Within the Communion I am united to the poor in Africa. The loss of the Communion would disconnect us.
All for the better in time. I think I would like to read a history of the Universalist Unitarians, whose path I think TEC is now taking. I was aware of this trend in the TEC but figure as long as we continue to keep Christ central we were fine. But with the GenCon06 over and TEC failure to confirm what Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, said about he, Jesus, being the only way to the Father, then I don't know what to say. I was aware of people who will say the Nicene Creed but really do not believe in the Church, but I figured them to be a minority. I see that I was wrong unless anyone else has a decent explaination why it would kill the TEC to proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

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