Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I don't wanna leave

Woman bishop. A movement away from Biblical teachings. But the last straw, the last straw was rejecting the World Wide Anglican Communion. The General Convention of 2006 is depressing. The Episcopal Church will remain but without me. I will make my exit over a year or two. It is a two year plan. There is too much of my personality locked into this damned denomination for me to just jump ship as quickly as I would like.
I really like Christ Church. I can say (well to myself 'cause no one else gives a rat's ass) that I attend the same church as Donald Rumsfeld (though I have only seen him once) and Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans (or a guy who really, really, really looks like him). There are people in the church who I have bonded with. It was hard enough to leave St. Georges, but to leave the whole Episcopal Church breaks my heart just thinking of it. It has been 4 years, just 4 years since being confirmed in the Church with my family and friends laying their hands on me, after flirting with it for about a decade going between Catholic and Anglican churches.
As much as I like the Lutherans.... no. The key is the world wideness. I liked the Episcopal Church for the liturgy and the fact that I was united with Christians following the same ritual in Africa and Latin America and Asia. It was not just the West. It was the East and the South. Now, it is just the West again. Just another mainline American Protestant Church going the way of the Unitarians. The only other church that, despite its zillions of faults that holds scriptual authority for me is, *sigh* the Roman Catholics.
Bah. I need to pray more.

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