Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The most unsympathetic tale for Plan B

In Sunday's Post there was an opinion piece about Plan B from the point of view of a 42 year old woman whose birth control failed and couldn't get the Plan B pill. I found it very unsympathetic. Mainly because I'm wondering, why didn't she just get her tubes tied after her last pregnancy? My mom got her tubes tied after my sister and my sister after her third kid got her tubes tied. I figure if you are of a certain age and you pretty much believe you don't want any more kids.... um, tube tying should follow. I would feel different if the woman was 35 and thinking maybe she'd have a 3rd child in the future but not right now. But she seems to not be open to having more children, so then, why set your self up for the drama? Not taking a route that requires less maintenance (pill daily) seems irresponsible, particularly when there are non medical options such as IUDs and tubal ligation.
Gad, I dislike unneeded drama, particularly pharmaceutical drama.

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