Friday, June 06, 2008

BSG and why

I am loving Battlestar Gallactica. I would love it even more if the Sci-fi channel would post the episodes on-line a little sooner. But tis my fault for not having cable.
The ex-nun Barbra Nicolosi, with her blog, got me curious about BSG, and I see some of the depth of the show. There are some deep questions like if should we exist (do we have the right), and how we treat others defining who we are. Really what is the difference between a regular old human and a skin-job? Besides resurrections and goo-baths. And if we find that humans and skin jobs are pretty much the same with very little distinquishing them from the rest of the human race, what does that say about humans who have treated skin-jobs inhumanely?


Bindledog said...

Great points, which we've been thinking a lot about, ourselves.

By the way, as big "Galactica" fans, we created a little online game with a BSG theme, we call "The Adama Oracle." Other show fans can check it out here, if you want:

Enjoy all the watching!

-- Jay (with the guys at Bindledog)

Jennifer said...

My husband and I love BSG too--it's pretty much the only show I actually try to schedule around. And as you say, it's questions are one that Christians should be asking and trying to answer from a Christian perspective.