Sunday, December 17, 2006

Someone is having an identity crisis

A Newark Episcopal Church targeting disaffected Roman Catholics says that they aren't a Protestant demonimation.
Is all the British history I took wrong? Or is this one of those odd interpretations of catholicity and the Episcopal Church is Catholic the way I'm Native American? We do believe in "one holy catholic" (small c) "apostolic church" but if we say we aren't Protestants, than what are the Lutherans?


Arimathean said...

There was a time when "Protestant" meant little more than "not Roman Catholic" - a purely negative meaning. But usage of the term has evolved over the past four centuries (you can trace the evolution in the OED). By the mid-20th century it meant "A member of a Nonconformist or non-episcopal Church," and that is how the term is typically used today. Obviously, Anglicans are not Protestant by that definition.

Anyone who came to tCotGL looking for a Protestant experience would be in for quite a shock!

Mari said...

I tend to go with the old definition.