Monday, December 18, 2006

Still with the catholic thing

...and what of trans...transub sandwich a nation? Ya, know when the Roman priest says the magic words and the dry bread and the booze become the body parts of a 2,000 year old Palestinian? Catholic myasz.
Occasionally at GetReligion or is it CrunchyCon, it is stated that the Episcopal Church is what the media wishes the Roman Catholic Church was. yeah. Nah, I'd like the Roman Catholic Church to be more like the Eastern Orthodox, without all the friggin standing, the beards and the funny hats, and with good music. I'm quite sure there'd be other things I'd add or subtract. But then the RC wouldn't be the RC.
There are still some Protestant things I find hard to shake, like the meaning of Baptism. Immacculate Conception, uh, okay whatever. Pope? Let me get back to you on that. The problems that a lot of people have with the RC aren't always the same problems I have, so we aren't talking about my struggle but theirs.


Arimathean said...

Have you considered Western Rite Orthodoxy?

Catherine B can probably tell you more - she seems to be investigating it pretty keenly.

Mari said...

I am returning to what I know and what I know I can follow through with, and that's the RC. Besides, I can waddle on over to Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering in 10 minutes or St. Pyul the Impossible in less than 15. Anything greater than a 20 minute walk or bus/train ride, highly reduces the chances I'll show up once a week.
I don't have a car so location is key.