Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things I need to save up for confession or people in theaters are bad

It is very hard for me to see a movie, in the theaters, because they lead me to sin.

What sin?

I violate the commandment, thou shalt not kill, because I have thoughts of wanting my fellow moviegoers dead.

Before you go calling the local authorities, I need to say I do not wish for a repeat of horrible tragedies carried out by mentally disturbed men in theaters. No. I don't want that. I'm not going to kill anybody.

My sinful self just wants the person who decided that this movie wasn't as interesting as their cell phone to die. Such violent passion boils in my blood when, after I have paid what $11 or so bucks for myself, plus the ticket for my husband and maybe, just maybe a overpriced popcorn and bottled water, over $40 in total, some *&^$! ruins the experience by whipping out their cell phone and checking Facebook or their texts or (yes this has happened) talking on their cell phone during the movie.

I am reminded what I dislike about my fellow humans and cease to love them.
This happens so often that there are very few movies I will see in the theater. Opening week of a superhero movie yes. Art-house film maybe.

Recently we discovered ticket prices do not seem to matter. We went to the theatre, yes, with an 'tre', live actors and dancers, it was a musical, and the cell phone addiction was a problem there too. The young lady who sat next to us, apparently mistook this Broadway Theatre for her living room. She insisted on sitting with her shoeless feet on her seat or draped over the empty seat in front of her. Okay, whatever, youth. But then, through-out the first act she kept checking her cell phone and messaging. Even with low light it was annoying. On top of her other annoying antics. I should say we paid over $120 each for our tickets, the cheapest seats go for about $89.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are my sources of movie entertainment, because in my own home, we'll stop the movie if you need to talk on the cell phone. Or use the bathroom. The popcorn is cheap and the seats are comfy. The water is even cheaper. I love the people, okay person, I am with and his annoying habits don't make me want him dead.

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