Thursday, June 21, 2012

Church as a social tool

Let's wander away from the theological for a moment.
A few days ago while walking from a point A to a point B and taking my sweet time downtown I ran into someone from my old church (the Church of the Really Really Blond People). She was sitting on a park bench enjoying the day, when I said hi and sat down beside her. We chatted awhile but I figured I'd held off going to point B long enough and said my goodbyes.
As I left, I reflected on the idea that she and I had little in common and how the church experience brought us together. She is much older, from a section of town I don't visit, and from what I gather, long retired. I've met a lot of people outside of my usual social circle and formed friendships through the churches I've attended around DC.
I remember most fondly a fellow Chris Tighe, from St. George's in Arlington. I would sit next to him because most Sundays he'd change the lyrics to one hymn or do something funny. And then there is the gal I'll just call Nora Bombay who I also met at St. Georges. She eventually fell away from regular attendance (too early on Sunday) but I still consider her a great friend. Then there are the odd people and friends made since St. Georges.
Despite only showing up once a month, I know a bunch of people from the Help's church. He tells me they ask about me when I don't show.
So if you're wondering how to meet people, go to church. But remember you get out of it as good as you put in.

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