Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Christian Golden Rule is a two parter

When wandering the self-serve area of IKEA, sometimes there will be reminders that there are two or more boxes the person needs to pick up if they want a Bukkayse or a Vahyse, which they will put together with an allen wrench.
What we know as the "Golden Rule" a concept shared by many ideologies and religions of treating others as one would like others to treat them. However if using Christian scriptures, the concept is a two parter, like the flat IKEA furniture. Our Lord Jesus the Christ in Luke 10:27 where he said to love G-d with our whole selves AND our neighbor as ourselves. The first part is to orient our love, which determines what is love and justice and righteousness, because it should be rooted in G-d. Though in Matthew 7:12 it is a lone concept without a mention of G-d, just a stand alone idea next to a bunch of other separate statements. However Matt 7:12 mentions that "this is the law and the prophets." The law is mentioned in Luke, where G-d comes first. 

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