Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Weekend

Friday I, well the whole block and several parts of the neighborhood lost power for about 24 hours. I was able to sneak in a quick shower in the morning, but as night descended I deserted the house and found shelter at DC Education Blog's family home. I stayed there for the night and the family showed me a hospitality that makes me very thankful to have them (even the nutty little chicklettes) in my life. After some good waffles and laughable antics by 3 year olds, I came back home.
While reading the Watchmen, I had the radio on and heard a wonderful acapella song, a lovely gospel song, "G-d is Good." (Youtube). As soon as the DJ announced the artist behind it I went to iTunes and bought it. I played it over and over and went I went to bed parts of the song kept bouncing around in my head. One of the reasons why it is a good song is that is like a hymn that calls for others to sing along, regardless of vocal talent. Another reason is that it builds. First she sings that 'he brought me out of darkness', then 'he saved my soul and brought me out of darkness', building on with other elements til at the end she sings:
I said that he healed my every sickness, with no money in my pocket, he still made a way out of no way, then he put food--- on my table, then he put shoes--- on my feet, so he could guide my every foot step, Jesus saved--- my soul, and then he brought me out of darkness.
G-d Is Good----.

Ash Wednesday is coming up. I think, depending on the hour, I'll be doing Christ Church as I'm not sure if my place is with Immaculate Conception as of yet. I admitted to Sam the caretaker at CC I was moving to another church when he noted that he doesn't see me around as much at CC. He asked pretty pointed questions, asking if the new church was Episcopalian. He probably was wondering if I was attending his church, which is 1 block from the house. No, I gave him my cop out reason, the same one I gave B & IT (yes, what do the atheistic/agnostic Jews care, but I keep them aware of my life)... 15 minutes after waking up I can be in a pew at IC. IT didn't think convenience was a valid excuse.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing that song--loved it! I actually found this blog through your In Shaw blog, and thought this title sounded interesting. I'm also a Christian, but a Presbyterian, so can't give you any thoughts about Episcopal vs. Catholic. Or at least not any helpful thoughts :-)

Mari said...

Thanks for visiting.
Unlike the other blog this one is where other and more personal thoughts get released. I've decided that I'm going to be RC at the end of Lent. There is a huge wealth of theological thought and reflection going back a couple of thousand years in the Eastern Orthodox and Roman traditions that I want to tap into. Well without the standing and lack of musical instruments of the eastern tradition.

Arimathean said...

On the map it looks like you could be at Holy Redeemer in just 10 minutes!

The Greeks have pipe organs and pews - but, of course, they tend to speak Greek.