Monday, January 01, 2007


Well Mk and Cs left here, hopefully well rested.
We deserted our first music venue for another quieter place, because Cs was getting a headache and I was getting the broken speaker effect in my ears. A band Mk knew of was playing on the other side of the District, so we hopped in the car and drove over there. We were still on the road when midnight struck.
We got to the restaurant with the band finishing up the set. The floor was carpeted but we danced anyway. There was a cover charge when I called but we got there with less than 30 minutes of the band and the staff didn't ask much of us. I ordered tea and the waiter refused payment. I left $2 which he never seemed to pick up.
After the band packed up Mk went over to do what he usually does and chatted up the musicians. Cs was slumped over on the bench, and later popped her head up and wondered where Mk was. I pointed over to the corner where the band was breaking down and she walked over in her satin semiformal, a bright bird among the rest of us black clad and casual dressers. In a few seconds time I heard piano music.
Cs played for about half an hour. A few rags, show tunes, a little jazz and some Christmas hymns. We nearly closed the place down. The band was nearly out. The big table was gone, the large Persian/ South Indian (?) family was half gone and the kids were tearing down some of the decorations. A little after 1AM we left.
The rain wasn't hard but it was hard driving for Mk and halfway to my house he asked if I could put Cs up for the night. Closer to the house I said that he should sleep on the couch.
It was about 2AM when my head hit the pillow. I kept my door open just in case someone needed something. Also I was still chaperoning.

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