Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm jealous of Mk.
When we ride alone, just the two of us, sometimes we talk about religion and his faith journey. Anyway, we are talking and he's talking about his support network, all the people assisting him to find Christ and be a better Christian. And I'm jealous.
Well now. If I had the same buttinsky's earlier in my life I would have resented them. That was why I liked the Episcopal church, you like Jesus, cool, not too sure, that's cool too, sit back and enjoy our choir. That's why I left St. George's, they have a cool choir. TCotGL, yes, has a cool choir, but sometimes a bit too high altitude church at times.... I digress.
So now, at this very moment, I wish I had a little of Mk's support network. A little, too much and I'd probably run for the hills. I do have friends from church. Besides Spruce, we rarely talk of G'd.
Anywho, had to confess that.
Next deep question. Eat lunch at desk or go to cool restaurant to eat yummy, yummy, appetizer and remember how it is supposed to taste so I can make it home?
Lamb with yogurt defrosting in bag or cute waiters and Tuna tar-tare?
Lamb is pretty defrosted.
I'll eat it, and if I'm still hungry, $12 tuna.

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