Sunday, October 15, 2006

Worst sermon evah!

Enough time has passed that I can post this, because I can't tell you what day this happened, but I do remember who gave the sermon and thus which church, so I'm not saying which church (and I attend 2) so that it could have been anyone.....

One Sunday one of the seminarians gave the worst sermon I have ever heard. The topic? No clue. The sermon had no direction and no point, it was the essence of the word 'uninspiring'. It was so bad that my first thought was, "is it wrong to heckle the seminarian?" I wanted to yell "YOU SUCK!" Yet, it would have been un-Episcopalian, and un-Christian. I pondered throwing some of the fruit I bought at the farmer's market at the seminarian. But I throw like a girl and more than likely would have hit the old woman in the 2nd row. It was bad.
I wasn't the only one who thought so. I noticed that some people decided to ignore the whole thing and have whispered conversations during the homily.
Praise the Lord that homilies tend to be short.
I think I have been spoiled with good homilies. I listen to Episcopalian (St. George's in Leeds, UK), Lutheran (Bethel Lutheran in Cupertino, CA) and Catholic (BustedHalocast, & Technopriest) homilies in podcasts and they are inspiring and good. It is just when encountering one so bad, I just had a violent reaction to it.

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