Friday, October 20, 2006

Eye Candy

Recently a very handsome man has been sitting near my regular pew.
He could have been attending for months, years even and I would never have noticed him, if he sat on the other side of the church. Ewan McGreggor could have been attending my church but if he plopped his cute butt on the other side of the church, never would notice him. It's not a big church but my focus is very limited when mass is going on, if it isn't between where I'm sitting and the celebrant, I don't see it.
Anyway, when I do go (I alternate between the church of the gay lawyer and the church of the really really blond people) I look forward to seeing the back of handsome guy's head. It has been a thrill thus far.
No, I'll just keep it to admiring G'd's work in the male form from afar. One, I've done pretty. Pretty was tall, muscular and handsome and I wanted to kill him in his sleep. BL made a good point when she said you (the girl) have to be the pretty one in the relationship. Second, if the church had a beauty contest, I sure as heck wouldn't even place in the top 20. Maybe at the other church I'd be in the 17-19 range, in the summer when all the college kids are away. In other words, based on appearances he's out of my league. Besides, I tend to favor the geekier guys, they are cute, in their own weird geeky way.

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