Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Have Humanists ever worked the Express Lane?

I listen to the Veritas Lectures occasionally and they do have the odd Humanist/ Atheist do counter the featured Christian apologist. I'm guessing there are better Humanists out there. The failure of Humanism is supposedly that it does not answer the Holocaust (what does?), my problem, from what I've heard, it fails to answer the Express Lane at winy-Dixie.
The Express Lane is the place where I cried on the job after being screamed at by a WIC mother who couldn't get what she wanted. People are sonsofabytches. It is very hard to appreciate my fellow human being when they are trying to con you, are being super winy or have 100 tiny cans of cat food and 50 coupons. Hey, isn't this an express 10 items or less lane? In the Ivory tower people are easy to value based on their being human. It is nearly impossible when they are right there and if you had the power to make them disappear, you would. Thank goodness for the love of G'd. Accountability to him, his forgiveness and love egg me on love my enemy. Which also is a pain in the butt. Problem with Christianity is that you can wind up bearing a cross.

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