Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Okey dokey well what am I doing for Lent? Well I'm not giving up chocolate. I'm not doing a lot of stuff but the list for this year is a bit more self improving and moving closer to G-d than last year.
1. Tithe 5% I'm horrid I just do 1%. My pie in the sky thoughts have been doing 10% but, I don't have a strong enough understanding of where my money goes. I know I should give the first offerings to the Almighty. This is an attempt to get closer to that goal.

2. Don't eat out alone. I like food and my friends are cheap. This relates to the money issue. I do spend a good amount eating out. The problem though is, does carry out count as eating out? I'm going to say no, but I should limit it to once a week carry out, including the cafeteria at work.

3. Feed the homeless at least once a month. I got two churches to choose from and I need to volunteer. I gotta talk to Bruce or the guy at my church about our soup kitchen and volunteering for that. Just one Saturday morning to make sandwiches for the unwashed masses and serving Christ.

4. Take one day cleaning up. I've let the house go a bit and when I cleaned up the house, went off to London and came back it was a wonderful feeling to come back to a clean house. So the idea is to devote one day or evening to cleaning up the house.

5. Dance more. How does this bring me closer to G-d? It doesn't. But I am getting asocial hanging around the house.

6. No home computer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tech free. Except for the Palm.

Then there are the sorta maybes of Lent, which get broken on Sunday, a feast day anyway so they get broken.
7. Don't buy meat. I'm going to feign some sort of vegitarianism. But I know that's going nowhere.

8. No desserts. Meaning I don't need to end each meal with something sweet, but I'm not going to deny myself of something sweet. Yeah, a lousy rule.

9. Start at 8:30 I know what it means. I'll tell you in person.

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