Monday, July 01, 2013


One day, I was looking in the sink and noticed a dirty dish. It was the Help's cereal bowl and it had at least 3 spoonfuls of milk sodden cereal (expensive granola, which we haven't been able to replicate) abandoned. Now this was an annoying trend I had been noticing, a spoon here and there of uneaten expensive granola. So I brought it to his attention. I think his reasoning was something along the lines of he wasn't that hungry or didn't need to eat all of it. Now it would have been one this if this was rice (another thing that can get wasted), but this was the $10 for a 1.5 bag of granola, granola (it's good stuff, like candy).
Somehow in the discussion of the granola the Help seemed to attempt to separate himself from the portioning of the granola. I then counterpointed. I pointed out that he put the cereal in the bowl and decided how much to have, no one else, so he could have put less in the bowl. He had choices, he could have decided to put less in the bowl, or put back in the canister the surplus (before adding milk). He didn't.
This is not a post to beat up on the Help, it is a recent example of when people don't own their choices.
People choose to have cable bills. We choose not to, we have no cable, but we do have Netflix, a service I can cancel or adjust at a whim. We have an internet phone bill, because we choose to have internet and a land line for a phone we almost never answer. I know people who don't, we could live without internet or a land line, but choose not to. Credit card bills, we don't have them. We don't have credit cards, got rid of them the 1st month of marriage. You can travel with a debit card, rent cars with it (Alamo, Dollar), book and pay for hotel, pay for food, all that good stuff. The trick is there has to be money in our account to cover these things. We budget to make sure there is or we don't go. I chose where we live. The Help, he could have argued for another location, but okay, he really didn't have much choice in the matter. Happy wife, happy life. All in all a lot of things we choose, what to eat, what to wear, where to live, and even if the choice is between 'meh', bad and crappy, there is still a choice.
I guess this was a rant.

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