Sunday, June 06, 2010

Catholic Baptist

There was an article in the Post that I directed the Help to read. It was "Interfaith marriages are rising fast, but they're failing fast too." The article mainly says that couples of different religions have a higher divorce rate. The purpose of pointing out the article was to have a serious discussion and clarify earlier conversations regarding theology.
Not having been raised Catholic I don't believe I have the same attachment as one who was born into it. I love it, but when pondering children, I would be fine if my progeny became Baptists. I was raised Baptist and most of the family on my side, are Baptists. And on any given day I'm not too sure about infant baptism.
My feelings about infant baptism was something I pondered at Mass. Though I do enjoy mass and yearn to be in agreement with the Roman Church, in my heart the issue doesn't seem right. I am very aware of the biblical interpretations legitimizing infant baptism, but there is the issue of my heart. I had asked the Help to defend infant baptism. It was an unfair question considering his lack of Christian knowledge.


Jennifer said...

My husband decided a few years ago to start attending the neighborhood Presbyterian church (PCA) instead of our Bible/Baptistic church. I thought the thing that would get to me the most was that the Presbyterians don't believe in the Tribulation or Millenium, but the thing that did get to me the most has been the infant baptism. It's not something I agree with, and I think if we had kids, it would become a huge reason to find another church. Otherwise, I've found a home at this church, even though I was dragged kicking and screaming at the start. The people are good, the preaching exceptionally thought-provoking/encouraging/rebuking, and I don't have to look at or listen to the "praise team" or the guitars.

So, I don't know if you read your comments, but just know that God can work things out if He wants them worked out and if you and the Help are willing to go along. It's a hard decision though, and I admire your thinking through the hard things and struggling with your own beliefs and principles.

Mari said...

Thank you for reading.
The Help and I often pledge to make our relationship a three-some with Our Lord and Savior being the third, as we put our trust in him.
It didn't require kicking and screaming to get me to go to the Help's Church (PCA), but since hearing that several church members advised against marrying me added to my dislike of long sermons, I'm having trouble even considering returning. I might return, but we'd have to consider a church that works best for both of us.