Monday, December 14, 2009

Being a responsible adult sucks

Okay. My cousin and I threw out an idea to go to NYC. Now I looked at hotel prices and figure we'll hop on the cheap Chinese bus. I'm willing to throw down a few hundred for a good hotel room. I've done too many cheap stays, hostels, primative accomodations in London and Prague to bother with cheap NYC stays.
Then there is the other issue. I'm supposed to be paying off the stupid loan that I took out for my sister's house (legally my house). Goal- pay off in one year.
Oh other goal- pay for Florida trip in March. Desire- Stay at the resort we stayed at last time, which I'm determined to get a two bedroom costing $500 for the stay and plane tickets. I expect others to feed me and feed me well.
So a NYC trip may cost $500, a FL trip that may cost $700 and $4K that still needs paying off. The adult says hold off the trips till the loan is paid and save up for a possible event that may hopefully come. The irresponsible adult sayz throw it all on the Mastercard and get tickets to Wicked.


Arimathean said...

So . . . who won? Responsible adult or irresponsible?

Mari said...

Responsible adult who finds cheaper and hopefully better lodgings.