Friday, March 20, 2009

Vegan Friday Ruined by Unmarked Soup

I figured that I'd have more of the crappy hated vegan pumpkin soup. Let us note that the crappy pumpkin soup is crappy because it has a vegetable broth base and not a chicken stock base. Also, not too keen on pumpkin in large doses.
So today I had cream of wheat with soy milk, romaine lettuce salad and, I thought, crappy pumpkin soup. No. I'm enjoying butternut squash, apple and bacon soup. I thought I ate all that soup months ago. When I made the crappy pumpkin soup I didn't bother labeling it, because it's orange and soupy. What else in the freezer could be orange and soupy? Butternut. Who knew.
Though this violates the fast, it is an honest mistake. The soup was left over in the office fridge from yesterday because I was eating leftover vegetarian chili B. had made and thought that was punishment enough. B.'s chili wasn't bad, but not what I was yearning for that day. So until I ate it and discovered it didn't suck, I thought I was eating vegan soup.
Now for those whom I've pawned off my pumpkin soup on, please remember that either you're a neighbor's 1 year old and it doesn't matter how it tastes or I added chicken stock for you.

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