Thursday, June 14, 2007

Okay now I feel better

A certain someone asked that I not announce that he is getting married. Well to certain other people, so this will be vague but the three people who read this know who I'm talking about.
I expressed some concerns and fears I had about this change in life for him. Well, they we my concerns and fears, he'll be fine. I told him about another really good friend I had back in grad school. Long story short I lost my friend because of a perceived/accidental slight between me and his fiance. I didn't know her that well because she was in Worcester and we were in Amherst, so I there was lots of room for misunderstanding. I'm still sad about that loss. James, my friend, and I are slightly in the same profession but he's dropped off the face of the planet and I'd apologize for several days straight to his wife just to get my friend back.
So I told the soon to be married friend this tale and my worry. He calmed my fears saying what he and his future bride discussed about his friendships. Then later I'm hoping to plan to have them over for dinner and work around his bride's complex diet. Her complex diet and Roland's occasional fasts, if I can get them at the same table for the same meal, I will crown myself Queen of accommodating cooking.


Arimathean said...

Another well deserved royal title. All hail the queen!

Mari said...

Well sweetie I aim to please. ;-)