Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ODing on Libertarianism

Okay, I love my podcasts in that it's like I'm programing my own radio format. But I've discovered that certain things should not run close to one another. One song in between isn't enough, one daily prayer between them isn't enough either. The thing I speak of is the libertarian podcasts.
Russ Roberts of George Mason University puts out Econotalk podcast and has a blog Cafe Hayek. The last one I listened to was on why supporting local businesses is short sighted. I thought he was being facetious when making some of his arguments and failed to recognize another value of supporting local businesses, such as quality of life issues in regards to neighborhood living. But the other points made were decent, in that spending money locally doesn't mean the money stays local.
Fine. This is okay when followed by some report from the University of Florida, a random NPR podcast, or Vatican Radio focusing on some sadness somewhere in the world. It should not be followed by Acton Institute podcasts. Acton seems like a bunch of Christian Libertarians, and I swear my head nearly exploded after a cast on morality and capitalism. The speaker was Fr. Robert A. Sirico, Roman Catholic priest.
So maybe today more make you wanna shake yo booty mash-ups, a few prayers, the odd Lutheran or Anglican sermon, and one, just one, libertarian podcast.

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