Friday, September 08, 2006

Liturgical Dance

Oh I do want to make fun of it, but why bother when a girl's school play does such a good job at it (you tube).
A while ago I got a double dose of liturgical dance at a family reunion. I'm related only by my grandfather, who was the cousin of the grandmother of the family. Anywho, the first gal who did the dance I realized had also danced at my cousin's rehersal dinner. I don't know if I can expect more of the same at another cousin's upcoming wedding. It wasn't bad, however liturgical and dance just don't seem to gel right in my mind. The second lit dancer was more of the same but without the "proper" lit dance clothing. I see now there are certain stock movements. There is the pushing away move. A lot of that. Long strides, hands to heaven, maybe a twirl.
I still prefer Steven Colbert's lit dance.

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