Saturday, May 06, 2006

S**t like that makes me want to be Catholic

I was reading Get Relgion's blog post about Grace Cathedral in San Fran where the celebrant showed that "Jesus was xenophobic, racist and sexist." Excuse me? People may say that the break up of the Episcopal church was due to same sex marriage and gay bishops. No. Those were the straws breaking the camel's back. It is crap that denies the divinity of Christ, is anti-Jesus, and tosses the Bible and 2000 years of theology out for whatever, that makes me want to leave.
I was dancing with Al the other night and he was telling me about his new church in Laurel. He used to live in College Park and I asked or mentioned about St. Andrew's. He sighed and said they read Beckett, and he wanted to know what did Iasiah say! The bible being thrown out for less divine reading. Crap theology. Ya, know there is a perfectly good Unitarian chuch, with very nice people in College Park. I mean if you are not going to use the bible as your main reading source, and source of inspiration, may as well go for the real thing and be something other than Episcopalian.

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