Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Closer to G-d, or further from sin

I'm so happy.
Gn, a professional collegue who I've engaged as a friend is getting better. For those who know, and Gn knows, I have never approved of his social life. In my eyes Gn is scum when it comes to women, exploiting their poor self esteem, and using them for sex. When he has spoken of his dates, and past relationships after his divorce the central theme in his relationships seem to be focused on one thing, sex. Not common interests, just sex. A typical date with Glen would be to join him in his tiny apartment, watch porn and get it on. Horrid. I was almost at a loss for words when I had to explain what a platonic relationship was, because it was a foreign idea to him. Strange, have a relationship with a woman where the goal is not to get in bed with her, whodathunkit?
Well driving me to the metro station he revealed that for the past year maybe, he has had several platonic relationships, and he thinks he likes it.
I had tried to introduce him to, although one would think he'd already been exposed to relationships with others based on something other than work and sex. Common interests. I've had him over to eat with Mike & Jon, I've 'forced' him to eat at a sit down restaurant with me just to show him you can have a good time with your clothes on.
Anyway, I'm just thrilled Gn is pursuing platonic relationships.

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