Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

10 things that made me happy lately
1. Finding my working headphones after weeks of deciding that they were lost FOREVER
2. Finding $10 in a coat pocket
3. Getting pasta salad juuuuust right
4. Getting a lamb dish just right and pairing it with a glass of wine
5. A phone call from a hard to get ahold of friend
6. Finding my wallet that fell in the gutter
7. Meyer Lemoncello
8. Sitting and chatting with a neighbor as they were packing up
9. Brething out of both nostrils (I'm getting over a horrid cold/flu)
10. Sitting in the comfy chair, looking out my window and enjoying the street drama (or lack thereof) outside

5 things that have made me happy
1. A wonderous sight to the eyes (a great landscape, a cool design of someone's living room on a dark night, etc)
2. Accomplishing a project that I can look back on and point to the results.
3. A really good meal
4. An awesome hymn that I get to sing (as opposed to just the choir or cantor singing) that's arranged just right that might have and accapella part to it or bridge
5. Compline at the end of the day

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