Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I'm asked if I feel any different now that I'm Catholic. Um, no. Except now I actually get up to accept the host, as opposed to keeping my butt firmly in the pew. Besides that it just feels like I just switched churches, something I've done before. And it is not like I've actually left the Church of the Really Really Blond People. I plan on still showing up there for one reason or another. I like the people, the music is good, the programming is excellent, why leave?
I've told a few people of the change. I ran into a fellow I knew from the CotRRBP on the Circulator. He mentioned how he no longer goes to the CotRRPB but instead now attends another Episcopal church up the street from CotRRBP. I then admitted that I now am Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering (I really need to make up a new name, Our Lady of Diversity? Immaculate Pew? The Church of the Holy Dashboard Charm?). I gave my cop out reason of being able to roll out of bed 15 minutes before Mass, as the charm of Our Lady. I pointed to the church and he mentioned how he knew of Fr. LEV.
I just thought of another charm of Our Lady, no dress code. Most of the time I do make an effort. But ya know there are times when you don't have time to change or anything to wear, or you're in the middle of something (and taking a break to go to Mass) and dirty jeans will have to do.

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