Sunday, January 11, 2009

The only black today

Today I was the only black at church. I would say I was the only minority but there is a family that I suspect is Latino, but I'm not sure. I became even more aware of my lone-ness when today's speaker veered a little to close to a magic negro or magic person of color imagery. It wasn't the first time this person put in words something that made me wonder what exactly goes on in the head of middle class white people. Seriously, this is not something I wonder about a lot.
Anyway. I wound up as the tech support for auntie so I didn't catch the 6pm Fun with Latin Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Confusion. The thing about Our Lady is that it is very racially mixed. It's small, and I doubt there is a really conscious effort to get that mix, but there is a mix.

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