Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Tent of Conservatism

Had a lovely chat with Norma Bombay about various topics, one being the Republican Party. She suggested the party splitting, I disagreed. Yes, you have your Pentacostal bible thumpers on one side and your green shade fiscal conservatives on the other, but the two aren't divorcing anytime soon. Fighting, yes, spliting, no.
For one, whoever leaves gets turned into a meaningless 3rd party. Oh wait, there is a meaningless 3rd party. No need to create one. Sadly, that party's candidates won ziltch in DC, but did gain/keep some posts in Central and South Florida. Maybe I should be more fiscally supportive of the DC Libertarians....
Also it's not like the bible thumpers don't care about fiscally responsible government, lower taxes and the like. They do. As well as others between the thumpers and the green shades.


Arimathean said...

You are forgetting about the evil, exploitive, Big Business Republicans, who care only about corporate profits, not family values, not public morals, not balanced budgets (except insofar as to keep those of us who do care about those things docile).

Mari said...

Um, this isn't showing up on the post? Blogger must be screwy again.
As for the big bad business republicans, the best thing we can do is not be docile.