Friday, August 08, 2008

G-d as It.

It. Not he, not she, but it.
I was just thinking of the 3 in 1, the trinity and specifically the Spirit, which sometimes defies description. G-d the Father, he, he who is the great I AM. G-d the son, describes the Father as male. There may be some translations and other great theological interpretations as to the masculinity of the Father, but here, now, the Father is he. The Son, being born of a virgin and raised from infancy to adulthood, I'm going to take a leap and say he was male. However the Spirit, that grace, that love, that gaaaah [waves arms wildly] seems neither male nor female, as the joy we experience when encountering a friend or the relief of forgiveness is neither inherently male nor female.
This neither male nor female it, is neutral. Well, the most un-neutral neutral thing ever as a powerful force that can change lives and make the impossible, possible, that can possibily be. And this Spirit, is one and comes from the Father and the Son, and is part of this great trinity.


Arimathean said...

I'll avert my eyes from your affirmation of the Spirit's double procession and focus instead on his/her/its gender.

The Hebrew ruach and Aramaic rohakah are feminine, while the Greek pneuma is neuter. Semitic Christians, as well as Jews, do tend to think of the Spirit as feminine. Other Christians, however, do not associate the Spirit with any one gender.

Mari said...

See, that's why I keep you around.