Saturday, July 07, 2007

Podcasts: G-d is going to get sick of me & unheard economists

Well the latest Bored Again Christian is a hit having me hunt on itunes for artists. This month (quarter) is titled "Ch 55: G-d is Going to Get Sick of Me", of course with my typing on the internet I'm leaving out the 'o'. I'm not sure what the heck 'Just Pete' uses as a yardstick to determine what to put on the podcast, but it tends to be good. The title track by Aberdeen City reminds me of the Killers, but maybe that's how the kids are playing these days. "Trouble" by Over the Rhine unfortunately is not on itunes and I'd have to hear another song off of their album before I plunk down the cash to own the song legitimately. Trouble is sexy and sounds like it has a tango thing going for it. What does it have to do with Christianity? Beats me. "Backslider" by the Toadies, sounds like the perfect song for a angry Christian teenage boy stuck in his room determine to go deaf listening to hard rock. My first listen to "Backslider" I had no idea of wtf the lyrics were. MacBiter? McSlider? "Life Goes On" by Pigeon John is a nice hip-hop song 'you're a hook in your own theme song' is the best reason to buy this track. When JP played Judee Sill's "Jesus was a Crossmaker" it was quite good and I bought it, he put Sill's "When the Bridegroom Comes" not so much. It sounds too much like her bit hit.
Econalk's "Caplan on the Myth of the Rational Voter" can be summed up as = economists bitch that no one listens to them.


Arimathean said...

I have two albums by Over the Rhine - "Films for Radio" and "Good Dog Bad Dog." I like them enough that I went to see OtR at Jammin' Java a few years ago. You can borrow them if you like.

Caplan's work sounds like standard public-choice economics, which is actually my specialty (or was back when I actually did economics). I think the rational ignorance phenomenon goes a long way towards explaining some of the non-optimal outcomes of democracy.

Anyway, he's right - no one listens to us! Policymakers (unless they're economists) always begin by inventing rationalizations for ignoring the relevant economic theory so that they will be free to do whatever is politically expedient at the time.

Mari said...

Why should we listen? Bad policy gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside.
The OtR song is off the Trumpet Child album, which won't be released until August. I ff'd through the BAC to get to the song and wound up doing an odd tango with a book cart, it was a sight and a fun exercise at work.