Friday, May 19, 2006

Grace Cathedral

I don't know what to make of them now. They are somewhat back in my good graces. I got pissed with Grace Cathedral (the representatives of liberal episcopal theology that hasn't gone off the deep end) when I read a report of a female priest painting Our Lord and Savior as a xenophobe and a podcast where I swear the priests were confirming the author's premise that no Jesus wasn't devine. They got a little love in my heart when they interviewed Anne Rice and some other person (Bishop somebody). Ms. Rice has converted to Christianity. Welcome Anne. And the speakers and the moderator priest was now reconfirming the devinity of Christ and the historical Jesus.
I'm begining to wonder if the priest who moderates these things just agrees with whomever is speaking.M: Jesus was a big jelly donut? Well I quite agree with that statement. I find that after I take the eucarist, with the wine and all, I'm thinking... jelly donut.

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